A JQuery-based Theme Selector for bootstrap



QuoteStrap - JQuery-based Theme selector

Ever Thought that your web doesn't hash a theme selector? Fear not, You can use This!

Features: Why should I buy it?


You can hook anything into QuoteStrap!

Didn't believe it? try using my site

Easy Configurabilty

100% Easy to configure, Just put <meta> tags to configure!

Permanent storage of theme through localStorage

Themes are stored permanently using localStorage which allows the user to keep his/her theme preference in the browser.

Embedding to site

In head:

	content="body > div.container > div > div:nth-child(3)">

in the end of body:

<script src="/node_modules/quotestrap/pro.js"></script>
<!-- Your hooks -->

To embed image of the theme <wherever you want>: (Not required for the theme to function!)

<img id="theme" />

You can change any of the parameters of the img element but you shouldn't change id of of the image element


quotestrap:selector (required)

The element in which quotestrap will be rendered.

quotestrap:bootswatch-api (required)

The api to use for theme list rendering. QuoteStrap can use a list if it matches the schema of Bootswatch's API.

Trying it for yourself

You can see how powerful QuoteStrap is in my site

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