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PrivJs is the future of open-source where you can distribute premium versions of your node.js packages. You can expose the source code and provide $ npm install access exclusively to your customers and clients.

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Module Federation helper for NextJS




Module Federation CSR & SSR Support for Next.js




Javascript utility to generate beautiful gradient backgrounds.


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Supercharge your OSS projects by selling npm packages. Get started in just 5 minutes.

Marketplace to buy & sell node.js packages

PrivJs provides you a complete solution to buy & sell node.js packages.
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Robust API for access control

Integrate PrivJs api into your website & apps to provide access to your customers with ease automatically.
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100% access controlled packages

Only the people who purchase your package can install it. Use the api if you wish to manually provide/revoke access to your customers.
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Easy CI/CD deployments

Wondering how you could deploy your private packages to CI/CD environments like Netlify, Vercel (formerly Zeit), Travis CI, etc? PrivJs has it covered.

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Fund your open-source projects

Use PrivJs to distribute premium features to your open-source project. Provide exclusive access to your project sponsors.
Publishing to PrivJs is as easy as $ npm publish.

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Hundreds of companies and thousands of developers across the globe use PrivJs to install premium node.js packages.